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10 First Disease In Infants

BECOME A happy new parents of course. However, happiness is sometimes turned into panic when your baby suddenly ill. Well, it helps you identify a baby's first 10 diseases, such as described Dr. Kusnandi Rusmil, Sp.A of Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung following.

1. Colds - Colds in infants can be due to many factors. "Most of the viruses cause, that there are literally hundreds of the many. Usually heal itself, really. The symptoms, runny nose, sometimes blocked, then followed by cough and fever." In addition to viruses, colds can also be due to bacteria. Usually accompanied by heat and the symptoms more severe, namely a red throat. Should be given antibiotics. If it continues, could result in complications of middle ear inflammation. "However, ear pain does not always occur on a cold cough.

"If a lot of fluid or mucus out of the baby's nose and make breathing is blocked, give the nose drops or nasal suction fluid with a special tool." Importantly, the cause is treated first. Because the virus there is no cure, the body's defense of the baby who had to be improved. "Usually, the common cold in babies occurs about five days. If the baby's body heat did not go down and down until 2-3 days, immediately take it to the doctor." Parents need not worry if your baby a cold. If accompanied by heat, give a hot drug.Do not forget, give good nutrition, particularly those containing vitamins and minerals, such as fruit or juice, drink lots of fluids, especially milk. "

2. EAR INFECTION - Ear infections can be caused by common cold viruses constantly, so the virus into the ear canal. "It could also because of the ear intruding water containing the bacteria, causing inflammation of the middle ear canal." The symptoms, pain in the ear and the heat does not go down-down for 2-3 days. "It should be immediately taken to the doctor. If not immediately addressed, baby eardrum may be inflamed and rupture."

If not treated, after a long time will be more severe inflammation of the ear and can cause pus. "If the pus breaks, the liquid will come out of the ear with an unpleasant smell. Long-term effect, the auditory system is damaged."

3. DIARRHEA - Like the common cold, diarrhea in infants can also be due to various factors, from food contaminated with bacteria or virus, food poisoning, until the milk allergy. Diarrhea in infants can often be seen from the amount of fluid that comes out through bowel movements (BAB) for more than fluid intake. CHAPTER frequency was more than three times a day. So, should be given plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

Prevention, give the baby a drink, such as oral rehydration salts, ion-containing beverages, or beverages that contain probiotics, like yogurt to help balance the bacteria in the stomach. "Babies are allowed six months, really, given a drink containing ions or probiotics." Kusnandi also asserted, diarrhea is the most powerful medicine for the baby was breastfed, because it contains anti-virus or bacteria that can prevent and reduce the duration of disease in the body lodged in the baby.

Diarrhea is accompanied by fever, continued Kusnandi, most often caused by viruses."All the diseases due to viruses, there is no cure. What is important, increase endurance and overcome the loss of body fluids with a lot to drink, especially milk."

While diarrhea accompanied by vomiting, usually caused by stimulation into the digestive tract. "Stimulation can be all kinds, can by germs or chemical toxins. Once again, the important thing is to drink a lot. It could also be given anti-vomiting drugs by doctors," said Kusnandi as he warned parents not to give babies medicine compressor Stool or faeces. "If the feces incompressible, baseball germs die, instead gathered in the gut. It's better first germ removed through bowel movements. After the germs out, automatic diarrhea will stop by itself," said Kusnandi warned.

4. PLUS Cough Shortness of breath - In infants who have the potential for allergy or asthma, cough and cold too long can cause shortness of breath. "Colds are caused by germs that after a long time to spread to the lungs. It can lead to symptoms of pneumonia, shortness of breath," said Kusnandi.

If it attacks the lungs, then it went into a serious stage and should really be treated."The signs of shortness of breath can be seen physically, such as infants breathe through your nose, so that the nostrils twitching, rapid breathing, every breath like someone pulled up to his chest concave." Handling these serious symptoms should be more careful. If you need to be hospitalized in oxygen. "If you've reached the serious stage, could not only be given treatment at home. Can be dangerous and should be helped by doctors," said Kusnandi.

5. ILLNESS Throat - Sore throat in infants can be due to bacteria or virus that attacks the throat. "Physical signs, a red throat, which can be seen in the neck. Infants also looked like pain, irritability, and usually difficult to swallow."

If caused by a virus, usually the doctor will give pain-reducing medication, vitamins, and recommended to be fed a lot, especially fruit juice, vegetable nodes, and breast milk, so her body back strong. But if the cause of germs, doctors will give antibiotics. "Can be a syrup or powder. Powders are more economical and the dosage can be more precise, because it is calculated per kilogram of body weight babies. Its effectiveness is, does, in fact tantamount to a syrup."

(Source: Tabloid Nova)

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